The Best Water Guns For 2022

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Playing with water guns is one of the most enjoyable summer activities. With thousands of models available, there’s something for everyone. For many, however, long-range water guns are by far the most exciting! With such a weapon at your disposal, you can easily dominate the playfield, soaking your family and friends! In this article, we'll introduce you to the best long-range water guns around. What’s more, they’re all affordable and widely available so that you can buy them today.

Stream Machine QF-2000

The Stream Machine series of water guns are well-known for focusing on the long-range. In this respect, the QF-2000 is their best model. The look of this gun sets it apart from anything else on the market. For starters, it’s 35“ long. With a range of 70ft, the QF-2000 is better than any other stock water gun, and that alone makes it an attractive choice. However, since this is a barrel gun, it has a low capacity. This limits it's usage, as you need a constant source of water. For that reason, the Stream Machine QF-2000 is ideal for pool parties or the beach.

Focusing on maximum distance involves some compromises. When fully extended, this water blaster is very long, so you have to be careful when using it. Because of this, it's not recommended for children younger than eight. However, the pleasant surprise is that this model is durable and easy to operate. If you take basic care of it, you can use it for many years. With a $21.99 price, the Stream Machine QF-2000 is a unique and affordable water gun with unrivaled range.

Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Soaker

Due to its striking design, it’s hard not to notice the Tri Strike Crossbow Soaker. That said, it has other qualities that make it one of the top watergun choices. This model gives you more ways to drench your rivals on the playing field. As it shoots water from three sources, this water blaster has a decent 40 ounces of capacity. This makes it ideal for more prolonged battles. Another thing that sets this model apart is the range: 38ft. For the most extended reach, use the middle stream, which also conserves water.

The Tri Strike Crossbow doesn't need batteries, as it uses a pump mechanism. As it's pretty large, children younger than eight will probably have trouble holding it. This model has an attractive $19.59 price and is very durable. Therefore, it can be your weapon of choice for many summers to come.

Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast

The Super Soaker Scatterblast is one of the best-looking pump mechanism water guns around. As this is a battery-free model, it's lightweight so that small children can use it. The ergonomics are also excellent, as the pump doesn't require a lot of user power. Plus, the design of the gun enables you to hold it tight. Since the pump mechanism doesn't need a trigger, this isn’t a model to use if you want precision.

However, this water blaster is one of the most powerful, as it will soak your opponents from almost 40ft away. Simulating the way that real shotguns work, this model fires water from five streams. As the water tank only holds 22 ounces, you'll have to refill quickly. Long-range, excellent build, and ease of use make the Supersoaker Scatterblast a fun toy. And at only $20.79, there’s another good reason to purchase it.

Super Soaker Twin Tide

The Super Soaker Twin Tide is a dual-barrel pump-action blaster with a big range. This is one of the bigger water guns available, but it's also comfortable to hold. The pump handle is easy to use, even with small hands, and it doesn't require much power. When fully pumped, the water streams can reach close to 40ft. The tank holds up to 33 fluid ounces, making it better than most single-stream super soakers. However, you’ll need to refill it pretty often.

The Twin Tide doesn't leak much water. You can safely leave it lying on its side without fear of draining the tank. As with other Super soakers, the build quality is excellent. Even if your kids tend to throw their toys on the ground, this model won't break easily. While it doesn't bring many new elements, the Super Soaker Twin Tide is a quality product well worth its $27.63 price tag.

Joyin Water Blaster Water Soaker

What makes the Joyin Water Blaster Water Soaker attractive is that the package includes two guns with an excellent 36ft range. Like many long-range distance models, it uses a pump-action mechanism. The size of the blasters is moderate, making it suitable for everyone. Even when full these water blasters are still lightweight, and 25 ounces of capacity is more than enough for longer games.

Even though it has an attractive price of $24.95, this model is made from quality ABS plastic. While the guns are durable, they’re not on the same level as Nerf guns. If you’re looking for affordable water guns with a vast range, the Joyin Water Blaster Water Soaker is an excellent choice. Despite lacking precision as it doesn't use a trigger, this is still the best buy package around.

Nerf Super Soakzooka

Although its name suggests a model resembling a bazooka, it's unique design is closer to that of a minigun. Holding it, you’ll look like an action superhero, especially as the blast is strong. The gun capacity is 55 fluid ounces, and the refilling solution is simple, as you don't need to twist the cap. To fire the Soakzooka, push the handle forward to load the water, and then pull it back. The range is close to 40ft, making this an ideal long-distance weapon. However, the precision is limited since there's no classic trigger.

The ergonomics aren’t ideal, and not just because Soakzooka is a large water gun. The top handle is too close to the firing mechanism, which may be uncomfortable. This forces you to hold this model low to have decent accuracy. As with other Super Soakers, this product is made of quality plastic that makes the $24.99 price tag more than acceptable. While it's disappointing that this model shoots only a single stream, it's still a powerful and unique water gun.

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